Foursies Pass and Play Edition

Foursies is four in a row with a unique twist. This pass-and-play version of the hit game lets two players play on one device without needing an internet connection.

Play four boards at the same time against the same opponent
You have to play in a different column on each board
The first player to get a line on two boards wins.

These simple, unique rule variations create a brand new challenge.

By playing four boards at a time, there’s always something to think about. Even if you are forced to block on one board, you can mount an attack somewhere else!

The strategy you once knew no longer applies. You can’t play in the same column on more than one board, so think carefully about how to play all four boards together.

Finally, the endgame doesn’t go on for ever. The first to get two lines wins, so if one board is grinding to a stalemate, it becomes irrelevant!

Get started now! Grab a friend and play a game right away!

Remember, you can still play an online turn-based game with friends: search the App Store for “Foursies”!

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