Four in a Row by Friendle ~ Free Online Games for Friends!

✹ FREE! Play online multiplayer Four in a Row with friends, family, random opponents, or against the computer! Find your friends on Facebook or let us match you with random opponents. Four in a Row by Friendle lets you play in real time or receive push notifications when it’s your turn to move.

Four in a Row by Friendle is the most stylish and easy-to-use Four in a Row game available for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad and it’s completely free!

=== Key Features ===

✔ Turn-based gameplay so you can have multiple games going at the same time
✔ Easily find your friends or let us find you a random opponent
✔ 7 unique computer opponents with differing playing styles
✔ Stunning HD graphics on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
✔ Optional push notifications let you know when it’s your turn
✔ In-game chat helps you stay in touch with friends and family
✔ Challenge your Facebook friends
✔ Elo rating system tracks your play
✔ Pass and Play mode for offline fun
✔ Access your games from all of your devices

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you should have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for Four in a Row by Friendle:

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