Four Hats

“a delightful hidden gem” – SlideToPlay

“delivers buttery-smooth action, great controls and quirky visuals” – iFanZine

“gameplay that blends Blizzard’s classic The Lost Vikings with modern autoscrolling platformers.” –

The FOUR HATS in “Hat Tricks”: The Four Hats, Parker, Holly, Gordo and Danny star in their first addictive iOS game! All the band wants is to hit the studio and work on their next album but their adoring fans won’t leave them alone. The Four Hats fandom is so intense that their fans have torn their last 3 drummers limb from limb. The only thing left for a rock star to do is run!

Find your way to the studio by outrunning your fans, dodging pesky paparazzi and roving reporters, avoiding the police and clingy teens. Jump over them, float above them, hide in Danny’s large hat or use Gordo to bash through obstacles, all to the tunes of The Four Hats latest hit EP, “Hat Tricks”!

Featuring art from author and comic book artist Steve Emond and music from The Four Hats. Get the soundtrack on BandCamp!

This is the first release from indie game developer studio TACO GRAVEYARD.

– Help the Four Hats escape their murderously passionate fans
– Play across 36 Levels and 4 distinct worlds
– Play as 4 unique characters each with a special hat power
– Listen to 4 original full length songs by The Four Hats
– Collect over a hundred hats
– Universal App for iPhone, iPad, iPod
– Start on iPhone, continue on iPad
– Play ENDLESS mode across all 4 songs

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