Forty Thieves Solitaire by Nerdicus Rex

Forty Thieves
One of the most addicting card games ever invented! Your goal is to move the Aces into the foundation area (top right) and build up each suit in order from Ace to King.
You will have hours of fun trying to master this classic game. Try to beat your friend’s scores and climb to the top of the leader board.
Game features:
-Bonus Mahjong game!
•Smooth game play and crisp graphics
•Easy-to-read cards
•Right hand or left hand configuration
•Portrait or landscape mode
•Unlimited Undo’s
•Adjustable scorebox (just drag and place the scorebox anywhere on the game board)
•Multiple card tables and card backs to choose from.
•Leaderboards (timed games only)
Easy to learn but difficult to master. This game will be sure to provide you with hours of entertainment!
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