Forty Thieves Lite

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Forty Thieves is a game of patience
It is quite difficult to win and relies mostly on skill.
You can play by dragging or double tapping.
Double finger scroll down to show top toolbar on iPhone, double finger scroll up to hide it.


Two deck of cards are used (104 cards total).

Ten tableau piles of 4 cards each, face up and visible.

Eight foundation piles (top right of display)

Remaining cards (stock) are placed face down (top left of display).

You may only move the top card from any tableau (middle right of display).

For every empty tableau, you may move one additional card from one tableau to another.

You may place any card in an empty tableau.

Tableaus are built down by suit (king to ace).

Foundations are built up by suit (ace to king).

You may deal one card from stock to waste at a time.

You may only use the top card from the waste.

You may only go through the stock once.

The object of the game is to move all cards to the foundations (8 piles ace to king of the same suit).

Do you have what it takes to win this game?

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