Fortune Ballz

Welcome to the world of Fortune Ballz. This Game’s idea comes from some of the popular arcade game machines. Instead of beting on luck, Here you can use your technic to gather your own fortune!

How to Play
1.Tap certain area of the screen to drop fortune balls.
2.Tilt your screen to control them and form a ball chain in the slots.
3.tap the screen to continue challanging or tap the get coins button to get coins.
The longer the chain your form the more coins you get!
4. 7 balls in chain will generate the firework prize!

1.use different fortune balls as combo to get extra treasure.(In full version)
2. try to hit the lucky cloud. it may lead you to the fortune games!
3. Three lucky games are waiting to be explored!
4. Get flying treasures!(In full version)
We love to hear form our players! Any suggestion or bug report is welcomed.

More updates are coming soon!
Buy the full version if you like it!

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