Forever Afloat Free

How far can you FLOAT?

Float along in Forever Afloat from Passion Code! Using your finger as a guide, control a bubble in which a multitude of awesome characters can reside in.

Swipe up or down to go in their respective directions to smoothly dodge the incoming obstructions in an attempt to float as far as possible while collecting all the coins you can! Collect special items for unique powers such as becoming invincible or tiny!

Purchase characters in the store to occupy your bubble!

*************Forever Afloat Features**************
•Smooth and easy swipe controls
•11 amazing characters
•Fun sound effects
•Simply laid out store
•Engaging background music
•Clean graphics and animations
•Options to control background music and sound effects
•Supports Game Center with multiple leader boards


If you like Forever Afloat, please give us a rating so that we can improve and add better, newer features! Thank you!

We are always looking at ways to improve the technical, structural, game-play, and aesthetic aspects of Forever Afloat.

Please feel free to contact us at All opinions are welcome! Be sure to mention what device and operating system you're using. Thank you!

Developed by Passion Code

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