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Fore by Cobra Mobile is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Fore

Golfing games and apps are about as common on the App Store as tower defense games and money management apps, so you can imagine us yawning a bit when Fore came across our desk. Developers just don’t seem to tire of releasing these games for their middle-aged-business-man-with-deep-pockets target demographic.

That said, Fore isn’t half bad. As a cheap, golf-themed time-waster this is a pretty decent value. Value aside, the core gameplay definitely has some issues that leave it a bit thinner than we wish it was.

Beyond just having you slide your finger across the screen as straight and as quickly as possible, Fore also attempts to implement a couple of different systems to make it more complex. Unfortunately, none of them really work all that well.

Tap, tap, taparoo.

The most important of these is the ability to tilt your iDevice while the ball is in flight to influence its direction. Setting aside that it’s not very responsive, it’s unlikely you’ll be fast enough to tilt when it counts, because the ball moves too quickly. The system seems like it’s only there to make up for the inaccuracy of the initial swing. Both the swing itself and the process of navigating the course are underdeveloped and hard to use, making it very difficult to have any clue where your ball is about to go.

Putting, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. Sinking a putt is as simple as moving your finger from the ball to the hole. Here, real golf’s most difficult aspect becomes laughably simple.

Fore is a decent value for your $.99 if you’re looking for a new golfing time-waster, but Let’s Golf! is only a bit more expensive and offers a much more complete golfing experience.