Footy Flick 2011


Line up in front of goal and flick the footy between the big sticks.

Multiple game modes include:

• Practice Mode – Improve your skills and watch your accuracy percentage.

• Kick Off – Keep kicking goals until you miss twice in a row – sounds easy?

• Multiplayer Mode – Pass and Play two player challenge. Play against a friend in a face to face contest.

• Time Clock – Kick as many goals as possible within the 60 second time limit – Earn an extra 3 seconds for each goal you kick.

Game features include:

• iPad and HD compatible.

• Stunning 3D graphics!

• Angry fans with cans.

• Displayed wind speed and wind directions.

• Online Game Center Leaderboard.

Game Tips:

• Customise the menu with your team colours.

• Watch the flag for wind strength and direction.

Footy Hero captures the excitement and skill of Australian Football.

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