Football Transfer Quiz


If we were to ask you the question: Which football player has played for the following clubs?:

Atl├ętico Madrid (2001-2007)
Liverpool (2007-2011)
Chelsea (2011-)

Ok, ok, the clue is in the logo – but if you knew the answer was Fernando Torres, then this is the app for you!

This quiz is all about naming footballers from their club transfer histories. From current day superstars to golden oldies, this app will test your knowledge on football transfers from all over the globe!

The fewer clubs you need from their transfer history, the more points you get! One by one you will be shown in chronological order the clubs they have played for. Get it from the first club, you get 100 points! Get it from the second, you get 50 points! Get it from the eighth club and you only get 1 point. A great challenge to take with you on your daily commute or with your friends down the pub or at work!

Want a hint? No problem! Every question has 3 hints that you can turn to should you get stuck. Will their position give the player away? What if we told you the nationality of the player (I mean, not many Spaniards have played for Chelsea!) – or simply need their initials? All these hints are available for every single player. But be careful, you only have limited hints so use them sparingly! You get an extra hint for every 4 correct answers though!

This app is fully integrated with the Game Center leaderboards, so you can see how you are doing against your friends!

We will soon be creating a store for you to get more questions! These will be category specific – so if you want a quiz with just English league players, maybe you have a penchant for the French leagues, want to go back to the Golden Oldies, or simply want more of the same – then these will be of interest to you!

Good luck!

If you have any problems at all, please visit our support page or contact us at

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