Football Logo Quiz

Test Your Football knowledge with our 2012 Club Insignia logo quiz!

Guess the names of the top 225 european clubs by correctly identifying their team badge. To help you along the way you can earn hints and tips as well as stars that will reveal the less obvious ones! If you still get stuck you can also ask a friend on Facebook and Twitter to help you with the answer.

So you think you know football? Lets see how far you get….

Just a reminder:

The spellings of the team names are taken from the UEFA open sources so it is giving hard time in local named clubs. We will fix and accept some other following alternatives with the upcoming update.

Also we couldn’t add some respected English teams because of British League strict copyrights. Apologies.

More Tips for your success:

It accepts the answer true if there is one letter mistake if the name is shorter than 7 letters, it is allowed two letter mistakes if it is longer. It will affect your score though. We will make it one letter more each with the next update because we have feedbacks that most of you find it hard to have the right spelling in further levels.

If you share the game on Twitter via Options menu (not badge sharing in guess menu), you gain 10 hints. You gain additional 10 hints via Facebook share in Options as well.

We got some reviews of crash from users. It is very rare and mostly appears on Jailbroken phones because of bad memory usage of those systems. You do not need to erase and install if you experience that. Only double press to the home button of the device and erase the app from the memory when it appears on bottom with home button double press.

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Football Logos Quiz

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