Football Die

Whether it’s game night or just for fun, the virtual football-style die is always with you!

Just touch the screen with your finger or shake the phone or tablet and have your favorite forward is playing the die!
Once the die is kicked, you can see the result.


o Football at its finest!
See the animated die(dice), the playing field grass and much more!

o Brilliant football sound! Experience the stadium atmosphere!

o Clean graphics and 3D animation!

o Real random number generator!
Just as it should be in real football, fair play is honored with the die!

o Runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (Universal App)

Perhaps you might be interested in these apps:

o “Short Match”
Pick a turn in groups: Who pays for the next round? Who plays the next ball?
Now up to 11 players, so a whole football team can play!!!

o “Meier”
A cheerful drinking game for groups of up to 11 people.
With Meier you’ll have the best party ever! :-)

o “Two dice”
If your board game needs more than just one die.

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