Foodie Feeder

&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733&#9733 Restaurant Themed Time Management Game!

In the hustle and bustle of living in the modern world, eating healthy, great food is sometimes impossible. Not anymore! You have acquired a Food Truck as an inheritance from your rich uncle to encourage your entrepreneurial spirit and your love of great food!

Take to the streets to feed the people hungry for a change in diet. Drive your truck to busy locations where you will be the only one serving unique, delicious foods. Starting off at a Theme Park, you’ll be serving Organic Grass-Fed Burgers and Low-Fat Fries, but once you earn enough cash, you’ll be able to upgrade your food selection to Sushi, Roast Duck, and many other traditional and tasty foods.

Each of the five different Zones will have their own foodie themes. From the Theme Park, you’ll expand your selection to have an Asian flavor in Chinatown and a Japanese Garden and even traditional European fair from France and Spain will be on the menu!

Be careful though, your customers expect high quality service as well as food and Rush Hour can hit at any time! Earn 5 Stars in each zone to be crowned the Foodie Feeder Champion!

“This food truck has changed my life! No more genetically engineered drive thru beef-like-product for me! Now instead of driving thru, I’m driving behind the truck waiting for it to stop!” – Donald McBeefy, Food Enthusiast and former 6 time hot dog contest champion

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