Folded Flyer

Universal Game Center Rating: 4+

Folded Flyer is a game from Tim Vogel, originally released 3rd May, 2012


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Folded Flyer Review

Folded Flyer is a paper airplane game that has you maneuvering your plane through an obstacle course. You make the plane dip and dive, avoiding slamming into the carpet, and aiming for items hidden throughout each level. It’s a motion-control game, which means you’ll be twisting your device around to control your plane. Does this addition to a common App Store game type add anything new to the mix?

The game starts you off with a brief tutorial, explaining the basic motion controls and the objectives of each level. After that, you’re let loose in a mansion that’s broken up into different levels. The controls are fairly straightforward. You steer left or right by steering your device, and tilting your device up or down causes your plane to rise or fall. Touching the screen results in a brief speed burst, which can help you shave some seconds off your time. However, if you aren’t a fan of motion controls, you can turn these off in the settings and use thumb-stick style controls instead.

Interesting wallpaper choice!

Each level will probably require multiple tries, unless you’re an ace paper airplane pilot. In each level, you need to find all four puzzle pieces and reach the finish in under the required time. Thankfully, if you crash, you keep all puzzle pieces you’ve found, which means you don’t need to be a perfectionist or get frustrated while playing. While these objectives are fun, the game doesn’t do much in explaining these objectives. The game never tells you what is required to unlock the next level. Instead, the next button will literally move away from you until you get the hint.

You can upgrade and customize your flyer to give your flights a personal touch. Upgrades to your wings and other parts of your plane can be purchased with points you earn by completing each level. Of course, what these upgrades do, we never know, because the game doesn’t explain these either. But if you like, you can change your plane’s design, turning it from a plane paper plane into a newspaper or floral print flyer.

Could really use an updraft about now.

The levels themselves are all pretty similar. This mysterious mansion looks like it’s from the seventies, with oversized plush furniture and disco colors. Even though there are five levels in the mansion, you won’t notice much difference between them. The rooms may branch out into different areas, but each level feels relatively the same.

The graphics also don’t do the game much good. They’re outdated and polygonal, like an old Nintendo 64 game. You’ll be getting up close and personal with all of these obstacles while you’re flying by or into them, and you’re sure to see all the seams in the graphics.

Folded Flyer doesn’t really do much new or interesting for the motion-control flying game. It certainly doesn’t look better than the other games out there (Air Mail is particularly gorgeous and fun). Even the paper airplane genre is surprisingly full of games, and Folded Flyer doesn’t stick out much there either. It’s not a bad game. In fact, the controls work well and the first level or so can be fun, but it’s definitely not a game worth too much of your time.