Greatest Artwork ••••• infinitely for the whole world
Special: We are giving out free Fold-Fields!

With Fold-World we are creating a great infinite artwork together. You know the popular award winning Fold-Man app? Fold-World takes it from group fun to a level of worldwide creativity.

Can many people’s artworks be turned into something larger than the sum of their parts?
• Be a part of this unique artwork
• Show off your drawing skills
• Be excited what your friends and others come up with
• Admire your friends’ drawings
• Watch something big emerge

Fold-World is the ultimate social drawing experience.

Keep in mind that we have to remove empty fields after a short time and those with text or not connecting well with neighbours!

Thank you for all the great feedback. We’re happy so many people enjoy the app.
If you have any questions email us at
We can’t help you if we can’t reach you.
Please write a review if you’re happy, and write an email if you need support.

Your Fold-Team

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