★★★★★ Winner of the bronze Pädi award for pedagogically valuable games ★★★★★

Enjoy Fold-Man – the classic drawing game!

Now available for your iPad, carefully adapted for maximum gaming fun.

Bring your funny figures to life with this intriguingly engaging game:

In this multiplayer game each player draws one part of a person,
animal, beast – you name it!, without the other players looking.
At each turn you “fold the paper”, and the next player draws
the next part of the body without seeing the other parts.
After all the parts have been drawn, the “paper is folded out”, and a
surprise figure appears!

• Intuitively paint with a large selection of colors
• Change the background paper and color
• Easily share your drawings with friends via email, facebook, twitter and save them to your camera roll
• Support with drawing tips and examples
• Optional Creativity Pack with 4 additional game modes and the magic rainbow pen
• Optionally create your own backgrounds with the camera
• Optional huge collection of new pen colors and sizes (your most requested feature)
• Optional random play for more fun, switching turns automatically

This is a quick, easy, colorful and very funny game for the ultimate social drawing experience for both children and adults.

Please let us know if you like the game or have any suggested improvements by sending us a short mail via the feedback button.

iPhone/iPod app: Fold-Man mini

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