Your Creativagram app for kids – easy to use – great effects!
★★★★★ NEW on the App Store – FREE (introductory special)

As all Fold apps engages creativity and interactivity with one another.

☆ Take photos
Get up and spot interesting things with your Fold-Cam: family, friends, the teacher, your dog or cat, the car, plants, your house, covers, …

☆ Decorate
Then change the photo the way you want it to be. You got all the Fold-Colors to decorate the picture. It’s very easy to use. And the effects are amazing. You can add things to the picture, adjust the colors, or completely change it.

You can even practice drawing this way like a infinite drawing by numbers for your pocket!

☆ Share
Send your artwork via email, Facebook or Twitter to friends.
Impress, surprise, be creative!

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