FoLaWo Royals NL

FoLaWo™ – Royals NL

FoLaWo™ is a new game that combines a logic puzzle plus another factor which tests the users knowledge.

In FoLaWo™ Royals NL the knowledge is some information about the Dutch Royalty. Information such as the correct order of Royalty, from Louis I thru to current da, To play the game requires constant thought associated with Royal order thus reinforcing the knowledge in your mind.

FoLaWo™ is a game that enables the user to play a game, that will exercise their general knowledge of the Royals as they move the tiles around to place the Kings & Queens in the correct order.

3 different puzzle levels , Easy/Medium/Hard.
Hint option – after every 5 moves you have the choice of using hints.
In Medium/Hard modes – option to change to easy mode from within the game – if you get stuck, or need to solve in a hurry

Bonus Puzzle game.
Instead of the royals you use the numbers 1 – 9 (words) similar to the classic wooden sliding puzzle.
There is a Key tile which will always move when another tile is touched as long as the game mode allows.

Fo La Wo.

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