Flying Stickman Ninja – Cool Asian Hero

Stickman Ninja is just minding his own business, flying over a beautiful landscape when, out of nowhere, his enemies attack!

Stickman Ninja needs your help in defeating his foes! Use your ninja stars or “shuriken” to shoot the enemies. Don’t worry about running out of stars because they are UNLIMITED! As you fight your way against your enemies, remember to collect the coins lying around the game. Use the coins to unlock cool ninja characters! Because the game has only one unending level, you can challenge yourself and your friends to see who goes the farthest!


* One endless game level that is new every time!

* Cool ninja characters!

* Collect coins to unlock other ninja characters!

* Infinite shuriken for limitless shooting

* Supports Game Center leaderboards

Download Stickman Ninja NOW for FREE and get ready for some ninja fighting action with this new addicting game!

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