Flying Space Mouse – Far Away Battle

Help this little mouse with its space conquest! All the cheese has been taken into outer space and the mouse needs to get them back!

Help the space mouse as it navigates its way through the deep space. Use your left hand finger to move the ship. To rotate the ship, place your right hand finger on the screen and move it around. Collect all the cheese that you see around you. Use these to unlock different spaceships that your mouse can use in his adventure! Watch out for obstacles and enemies! Use your ship’s rockets to shoot the space cats that are out to steal the cheese! Simply put your right hand finger on the screen to begin shooting. Challenge your friends to beat your top score and see who’s the boss of this addictive game!


* One unending game level that is different everytime a new game begins

* Cool spaceships!

* Use the cheese that you collected to unlock spaceships for your mouse!

* UNLIMITED rockets for shooting enemies!

* Supports Game Center leaderboards

* Awesome music!

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