Flying Santa Claus – Saving Christmas tree gifts for children’s and family


OH NO ! The evil elves has stolen all the presents that Santa is supposed to deliver on Christmas Eve.

You need to help him save Christmas, or else millions of childrens will be sad on december 25th.

Control Santa with your finger, help him take back as much gift as you can, we need to bring them back under the Christmas trees of all homes ! But be aware, thoses damn imps are still at large and are on a mission to ruin x-mas.

Avoid them at all cost, but you’re better than them, you will be able to take back thoses gifts ! Pick up enough presents and you will be able to improve your means of transportation.

Start with your 2 trusty reindeers, and there’s still two more that you can have ! With enough effort you will be able to have access to your flying carpet. After that you should be fast enough to get your delivery plane ! Enjoy this game and save christmas at the same time !

★ 4 characters available

★ Random gameplay assure a new game everytime you play

★ 100% free game with ads

★ Possibility to remove ads and unlock all characters with our in app purchase

★ This game is perfect for childrens all age and adults too!

★ Nice Christmas musics and ambiance will make you feel like it’s x-mas all year long !

★ Gamecenter integration you will be able to track your score always!

★ Try to beat your own score, or those of thousand of others all around the world. See who can save the most gifts.

★★ We LOVE to Know what you think about our game, please tell us what you like and would like in the game and we will add it for YOU ★★

★★ Visit our website at to discover all our great FREE GAMES and tell us your comments ★★

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