Flying Pigs in the Kitchen Free



IT’S TIME FOR WAR! You’ve just discovered that you’re on the dinner menu, and you’re mad about it! In the Flying Pig in the Kitchen app you’re a flying pig on a rampage, quickly dodging knives and other threatening utensils that threaten to turn you into dinner!
In Flying Pig in the Kitchen you soar through the air in a kitchen trying to escape the literal throws of flying utensils headed straight for you. Can you make your way through them all, gathering as many pig coins as possible along the way? Of course you can. But you’ll need to prepare. First, strap on or load your weapon–ketchup, barbeque sauce, or hot sauce—the choice is yours. Now that you’re ready for battle, start soaring! Be very careful, if a utensil hits you the game is over.


Here’s what’s included with Flying Pig in the Kitchen:

-Free gameplay!
-Quick and easy one-finger control!
-A variety of weapon choices to empower you for ultimate battle!
-Rapid-fire option for maximum impact!
-Easy slow down and speed up control for optimum maneuvering!
-Forward or back motion—you choose!
-Stunning retina graphics!
-Nonstop gaming action—play until your heart’s content!
-Point tabulation for each throw of your weapon!
-Coin collection for extended play!

Try Flying Pig in the Kitchen today!

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