Flying Disc Bluetooth P2P – DisConnect – FREE (Ad-Supported)

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DisConnect 4.2 (MK IV) – Peer to Peer (p2p) Flying Disc Motion Sports Game using Bluetooth Peer-to-Peer with Voice Chat, and NEW! Peer Cam! and On-Demand Facebook and NEW! Twitter Social Networking Updates!

We have taken flying disc to a whole new level! If you like “Star Wars” lightsaber (or light saber) sounds, the disc game in the classic sci-fi movie “Tron” and enjoy a futuristic game of space flying disc played in the stars, this game is for you! DisConnect transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a flying disc from a another world that senses the motion of throwing and catching a flying disc, similar to a Wii game controller, and uses technology similar to the XBox 360 Live social networking features, connecting your game of intergalactic flying disc to all of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. In fact, a screen shot of game play is sent with each Facebook update!

It’s not a first-person shooter, or a alien shooting game, but this game uses what we like to call “alien technology” such as “Warp Speed,” and an EXCLUSIVE simulated holographic three dimensional peer camera feature, so you can see if your peer has caught or dropped the disc after you’ve thrown it!

Voice Chat allows you to talk to the other player while playing DisConnect peer to peer (p2p) flying disc.

We’ve created a scoreboard and unique Twitter and Facebook score and game update feature, where you can use DisConnect 4.0 as a Twitter client, all while you’re playing peer to peer flying disc!

When you become a World Champion DisConnect player, you can tell all of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers that you defeated your opponent, and post an image of your DisConnect peer to peer World Champion trophy to Facebook for all to see!

No WiFi wireless connection is needed to play, giving you the freedom to enjoy a DisConnect peer-to-peer action packed game ANYWHERE you and your friends are! Join the fun today!

We’ve added a new twist on adding brand-new levels of difficulty using an all-new Touch Speed Control, and a “Warp Speed” mode. Aside from six levels of difficulty which have been made more challenging in this version, “Warp Speed” mode gives the least amount of time to catch a disc, which is a serious challenge for anyone’s hand-eye coordination. Watch the stars fly by, and boom sound off when you throw and catch a disc at “Warp Speed!” Too fast for you? Send a message via Peer to Peer Voice Chat to slow down, or use the Bluetooth Peer to Peer to find a more skilled Peer to Peer flying disc player.

All you need for peer-to-peer (p2p) play is another player ANYWHERE with an iPhone or iPod touch and DisConnect 4.0 installed on each player’s device. Facebook and Twitter social networking updates are optional and you will need a valid Facebook and/or Twitter account to send Facebook Connect feeds and Twitter tweets to all of your Facebook friends, and Twitter followers.

DisConnect 4.0 provides a Bluetooth wireless peer to peer (P2P) collaborative wireless gaming experience, that promotes physical activity, social interaction, and connectivity via peer-to-peer networking, voice chat, and social media, while taking full advantage of the motion and touch sensing, Bluetooth wireless, voice chat, peer-to-peer networking, and animation capabilities of your device.

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and the Burn the Box blog to receive inside information on updates, enhancements, and other up-to-the-minute information about Burn the Box, and future DisConnect release features.

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