“it looks good and plays well … its a good way of wasting a little of your life”


Flying game in 3D – beautiful fun.

This game is about flying (3D) in mid-air on a bright sunny day among bumble-bees and bubbles and sunbeams (quietly, or you can listen to your own music). You should avoid insects and try to hit bubbles and sunbeams. It’s easy – just tilt your iPhone (or iPod Touch) to change flight direction.

FlyBy offers various excitement levels – from relaxed calming cruising to highly exciting drive.

It is hard to completely describe the game in a few words or pictures (video of live gameplay can be seen on our webpage). But there is one feature that is best described with words – unique flights. Game situations for each run of the program are created on the fly, they are not predefined. So every flight you take is new and unique. No repetition…

Lastly, we’d like to say something about the graphics in the game. We wanted to make graphics as crisp, realistic and beautiful as possible. So the game should be easy on your eyes and a joy to watch. No matter how dark and rainy gets outside, with this game you will always keep your own private piece of sunny sky in your pocket.

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