“FLY WIG” is a game for iPhone&iPod touch.
Puckish staffs who belong “Tojo store” make appearance on the game.
Your mission is cleaning up their caper by take off theirs secret “that”.
This app is a very funny and exciting game.

You can customize game charactors by your pictures in iPhone&iPod touch.
You will feel good by taking off “that”, thus this app is very useful for reducing stress of work or livening up a party.

・Normal Mode
You can play a game from “GAME START”.

・User Mode
You can customize game characters by 5 pictures and play a game from “USER MODE”.

It displays game scores.

It displays a playing manual.

This game is fiction.Real people, organizations, and other cases are irrelevant.
Rights of all picture/image in “FLY WIG” are reserved by PHIRIA DESIGN.
And don’t use about not personal use.


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