Fly Hunter: Secret Agent Shooter Game

He is at it again… The mastermind criminal Dr. Evil Spider has stolen priceless gems used as an extremely powerful alternate fuel.

Dr. Evil Spider plans on using these gems to create powerful weapons and take over the free world.

As Secret Agent Fly Hunter, your mission is to pursue Dr. Evil Spider in the swamps, get the gems back and stop him once and for all.

Download Fly Hunter: Secret Agent Shooter today!

With nothing more than your wit,skill, and gun, you will fight Dr. Evil Spider’s many henchman and his top enforcer… Jaws The Frog!

Enjoy hours of fun racing through the swamps in a fast paced, action packed game.

-Endless game play
-Beat your highest score
-Awesome graphics,music and sounds
-Fight through the swamp and face many enemies
-Watch out for Venus Fly Traps!
-Collect Gems to unlock the Fly Hunter’s Jetpack and Aston Martin!!

Have fun testing your skills and reflexes against Dr. Evil Spider and his minions!

Fans of the James Bond series will love this game!

Play for free now!

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