Fly Fu Pro HD

You are Monthy McFly and you are on a mission to save your kidnapped moth girlfriend, Kate Moth.
Little do you know that your adventure will be the most amazing one a fly can ever have.
Flying on a leaf above the suburban area and collecting buttons for a Teddy Bear may sound easy, but can you help the scientist ladybugs finish their ‘Juggernaut’ project? Can you storm a stage performance and make it through the angered fans’ crowd afterwards? And what’s most important: will you be able to reveal the darkest secrets of the purely evil spideress queen, Ebony Overseer?

Play Fly Fu Pro HD, and give McFly a chance!

– unique style of art, based on Magnus Muhr’s ‘Dead fly art’
– classic beat’em up game with adventure, role playing, puzzle and strategic elements
– 10 different weapons to use (5 melee weapons, 5 kinds of projectiles)
– 4 different styled mini-games to put your skills to the test
– survival mode to test your endurance
– 24 skills to learn, including fire-breath, life leeching or turning your character into stone…and more
– 20+ species of insects to fight against, including explosive jawbreaker spiders

– Accomplishing particular challenges in the game or completing daily challenges will grant you mana points that you can spend on improving McFly in different ways.
– Tap your status bar (ingame) or McFly (in the main menu) to access your achieved mana points and skills.
– A skill is unlocked & learned when corresponding mana reaches a certain level.
– Circle shaped skills are passive ones which means they are automatically used when learned.
– You can select a square shaped skill – called active skill – to be your special power.
– Your special power is charged during hand to hand fights and it can be activated when fully charged.
– Flying attacks and handling weapons should be learned early in the game.

★AIR – with each level of Air, McFly becomes faster
★EARTH – gives McFly endurance and stability against attacks
★WATER – McFly’s maximum stamina is raised with each level gained
★FIRE – McFly’s attacks will be much painful.

Race of Champions, 4×4 Jam, Truck Jam, Greed Corp, Froggy Jump, Froggy Launcher, Grim Filler, Fly Control, Wild Slide

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