Fly Animals

Fly your animal through a vacuum of electricity, bouncing tires, barbed wire, and much more …. You’re given 4 flying animals, each with a different flying profile. Select your power-ups or boosters in each game.

✔ Watch your flyer get caught in fire!
✔ Get bonus boosts, protective bubbles!
✔ Go invisible, tiny!
✔ Flying Sheep, Fish, Elephant, Birdie!

•••••GAME PLAY•••••
☂ Tap and Fly!
☂ Earn and collect Fly Coins!
☂ Hatchling, Flapper, Falcon statuses!
☂ Get ACE to win!

★ Full high-resolution HD graphics
★ Adorable, cute sounds
★ Many music backgrounds
★ Easy to learn, addictive
★ Compete with others in Game Center

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