Flubby World

Flubby World is a super fun platform game where the hero, a green blob of cuteness, jumps and glides his way across weird and whacky levels. With lots of secrets scattered across the world, can you find them all ?

Flubby World features:

* Unique character control
* Lots of hidden secrets
* Weird and whacky levels
* Social media – Share your scores with friends via Flubbook and Twitter
* Flubcenter flubbyboards – Compete with friends
* EveryPlay – Show how awesome you are by sharing replays with friends

Join Flubby on his adventure today !

To activate the secret Valentine’s Day cheat follow these simple instructions:

1.Go to level 1 in Flubby World
2.Press the ‘Pause’ then ‘Resume’ button five times
3.Restart any level

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