Simple. Addictive. Challenging. Fun.

The original Flood game and then some! Join the phenomenon that is consuming lives all over the world! Flood-it:FREE! The whole world is Flooding!

How to Play:

The goal is to make the entire board one color. Start with the top left tile, using the color buttons, change that tile’s color to match an adjacent tile’s color. Repeat this process until the entire board is flooded with the same color!

Super Slick Features:

-Master the art of flooding boards
in 6 different game modes:

*Classic: Good old fashioned Flooding
*Timed: Beat the clock
*Obstacles: Dodge ‘em
*Last Color Standing: End on a designated color
*Multi-box: Simply the coolest mode ever to Flood
*Beginner’s Luck: Learn to play here and never lose, it’s magical!

-Play Flood-it:FREE on three different board sizes

-Two different skins

-Track your accomplishments with Statistics and Achievements!

-Fun sound effects

-Easy to use options

-New game/reset button in game

-A how-to-play for each unqiue game mode

-Share with friends on Facebook and Twitter

-Great replay value


Splendid App! Strategic Gameplay! Endless Pleasure! Must have!

You know you want to Flood!

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