Flipple Lite

Flipple Lite is a great puzzle based on a hexagonal or octagonal grid of tiles. Each tile has a different colour on each side. All you have to do is flip the tiles until all of them are the same colour. But Flipple Lite is different from any other tile-flipping game you’ve seen before! You can flip a whole row of tiles in one go by dragging them. Or, if you double-tap a tile, then it will flip over along with all those next to it. Simple to play but not so simple to solve!……… Visit our website to see Flipple Lite in action!

Flipple Lite is a free app which gives you these features
– 20 predefined puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty
– puzzles are unlocked as you progress through the challenges
– you can customise the colours of the tiles
– Flipple Lite remembers your scores so you can revisit and try to improve on them
– you can reset your progress through the challenges and then start again, just as if you’d downloaded Flipple Lite for the first time

If you enjoy the game then you can pay to upgrade to Flipple Pro which gives you these extra great features
– another 80+ predefined puzzles for you to solve
– generate random puzzles so you’ll always have something new to play
– save any tile patterns that you create so you can come back and play them again and again

Do you have what it takes to beat Flipple?

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