A challenging memory and recognition skills game for young and old. Play alone or with two players on one iPad.

Flipiac is a classic tile matching game with a few twists. A fun way to reinforce letter and number recognition with children. A workout for the memory for adults. It can also be a fast paced competitive two player game.

Flipiac starts with a medium sized grid of tiles to be matched in pairs, either solo or as a two player game. An in app purchase enables features to customise the game:

– Six additional sets of tiles (upper and lowercase letters, the digits, numbers, shapes and drawings). Any combination of sets can be selected.
– Four grid sizes from small (4×6) to insanely large (12×16).
– Match pairs, triplets or quads.
– Adjustable time limit to make a match, or no time limit at all.

A small grid with uppercase letters and single digits and no time limit is great for teaching kids letters and numbers. Matching triplets on a large grid with a mix of tiles and a tight time limit is a challenge for anybody.

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