Flip Them All

Flip Them All is a mind-bending puzzler inspired by the classic Lights Out game. Although the rules for the game seem simple enough at first, you quickly become absorbed in its challenging intricacies! Your objective is to flip a grid of tiles from one color (blue) to another color (orange), and as easy as that sounds the real challenge lies in the fact that each type of tile behaves differently. There is the “Side Switcher” which flips tiles horizontally, the “Vertical Switcher” which flips tiles vertically (surprise!), and then there are “The Cross” and the “The All-Rounder”, and what they do you have to discover on your own!

“Flip Them All” is easy to learn, yet addictive for all ages and features an astounding 150+ addicting puzzles with 4 difficulty settings

Flip Them All video: http://bit.ly/mWiABz

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