Flip Lips

Get Wonder-struck with the combination of game play…! So many different combinations to keep you sitting at the edge of the seat..! You will hardly find any game similar to Flip Lips with these many combinations to play on Appstore.

Look out for the hidden lips behind the circles…! Revealing the lips is a big task in this game. Flip Lips for iPhone is a game you would love to play when you are travelling, idle, waiting at the airport or when you want to kill your spare time. Rattle your brain to flip the lips …!

Flip Lips for iPhone is a logical puzzle designed to make you think with every move you make. The lips will be revealed when you tap on the circle, very easy…isn’t it..? But the challenge is to look out for the adjacent circle which flips open with every tap you make.

As you tap, the adjacent images flip open, so if you have already flipped a lip, it would close back. This is the sweet challenge in this game which will make you go crazy.

The objective is to choose the correct circle to flip open, and the adjacent circles will expose the lips. Once all the circles are flipped, the lips are exposed.

So start playing Flip Lips for iPhone and explore the lips.

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