Flip It! Gyro Game

Rating: 4+

Flip It! Gyro Game is a game from Jeybee, originally released 20th July, 2010


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Flip It! Gyro Game Review

Few developers have actually used the iPhone 4’s gyroscope yet, but as Eliminate:GunRange proved, it can bring very impressive results. Flip It! Gyro Game is basically another early tech demo, but it’s a pain to play due to overly-sensitive controls.

If you’ve ever played with a Bop It toy or other reflex game, you’ll know the general premise of Flip It!. A voice and picture on the screen will ask you to perform eight different motions as quickly as possible. These include turning the phone in four different directions, stopping any motion, shaking the phone, thrusting the phone forward, and covering the screen with your hand.

First of all, we are a little confused as to why this is iPhone 4 only. While we’re sure the gyroscope improves the accuracy of the engine, it isn’t the kind of game that wouldn’t be playable without it. In fact, the gyroscope may make the game too touchy. This is apparent when you are given the stop command. Slightly shaking your hand or moving your body causes you to fail. In a sense, this certainly does show off the gyroscope’s power, but not in the way the developers intended.

Flip it! Shake it! Break it!

The other command that creates an issue is hide. When you place your hand over the screen, it blacks out. This completely disrupts the flow of the game and catches you off guard when the next command is immediately told to you and the screen is still dark.

There are some good points to Flip It!, including online scoring for how fast you can complete all five groups of six challenges and how far you can last in survival. Plus, the graphics are tuned for the Retina display, although considering you aren’t usually staring at the screen and everything is pretty basic this isn’t much to admire. Oh, and the fail voice when you lose is sure to make you laugh out loud every time (and you will hear it a lot).

But, in the end, this can’t save Flip It! Gyro Game from being a pain to play. We do recommend it for people who want to twist their hand into odd positions or smash their iPhone 4 against the edge of their desk, however. It certainly will help you do that.