Fling Frog

Are you tired to paly the game with fingers touching the screen all the time? Try our new game “Fling Frog”! Let’s abandon the traditional game play and move your wrist! This is not only to make the game interesting but also make your wrist move! Come to play the game healthily!
“Fling Frog” is a leisure game developed by gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. The game has nine scenes, 45 small levels. In different scenes and different levels, we all set different target scores and different kinds of insects. And you will get corresponding rewards by unlocking dozens of different achievements at the same time!
The game has six species of insects, which are ladybugs, beetles, butterflies, mosquitoes, bees and dragonflies. When you eat different insects, you will get different points. When you catch some special insects, you will obtain some special side effects. Are there only insects in this game? No, candies and bombs will also appear in the game! Candies being good things, the frog will acquire some transitory beneficial effects when you eat them, and you will gain some scores at the same time; Don’t eat a bomb, not even mistakenly eating! This will kill the frog, once you eat the bomb, Game Over! Be careful!
The operation mode: tilt the iPhone at an angle with a flick, you will see the frog spitting out a long tongue to catch insects! This is the effect of gyroscope and accelerometer in combination. Is the operation simple and interesting? Now, you can catch insects!
After introducing so much, do you have a temptation to feel? Enter the game and shake up your iPhone! Come to play the game healthily and move your wrist!
– A new healthy game play with moving your wrist!
– 9 different particular scenes!
– A total of 45 levels, more levels to be expect!
– Dozens of different rewarding achievements! Each achievement has its reward!
– Rich props!

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