Have you ever struggled to get your aircraft down to the airport in time? If you have ever wondered when you should start to plan your descent, and at what rate to descend then flightTools maybe the app for you.

This simple calculator allows you to dial in your current altitude and it will automatically calculate the distance from the airport you need to start your descent from. In addition to this, if you dial in your current speed, flightTools will also calculate the rate of descent you need to reach the airport at the optimum height and angle.

Put simply, flightTools can help you to plan your landings much more easily than ever before.

The flightTools App is compatible with all flight simulators as the principles are exactly the same regardless of which simulator you use.

Please note, the flightTools App has not been approved by the aviation authorities for use with real aircraft, and is meant only to be used as a tool to help flight simulator enthusiasts with their descent calculations.

For more information please visit http://flighttools.donebydesign.co.uk


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