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Flight Stunts is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Flight Stunts Review

We’re flight simulator enthusiasts at Slide to Play’”and have been watching this sector particularly closely’”so we were excited to hear about Makayama Media’s Flight Stunts, a flight-aerobatics game in the tradition of PilotWings. The game’s premise is engaging: instead of X-Plane-style realism, you are faced with levels featuring a series of aerobatic objectives to achieve. This sort of title seems like a natural match to the iDevice’s control scheme and audience. Unfortunately, Flight Stunts, and its developers, managed to disappoint us in every possible way.

First, the game’s graphics are sub-par. The developers saw fit to put ‘artists impressions’ of the game’s graphics on the App Store page, and the in-game presentation looks nothing like them at all. We’ll give a reviewer’s impression of this sort of bait and switch: F-minus. The game’s graphics, in fact, are some of the worst we’ve seen lately. Blotchy textures, poorly modeled aircraft, basic terrains and cruddy landmarks are the highlights.

Even less impressive than the graphics are the controls and play experience. This is yet another ostensible flight simulator that doesn’t really simulate flight in any meaningful way. The aircraft don’t move or behave like anything we’ve seen in the sky. To add insult to injury, to read the developer’s breathy description, we should be making ‘pulse-pounding maneuvers with lifelike graphics,’ but what we found the most challenging was understanding the title’s janky collision detection’”a big problem if you’re supposed to fly very close to landmarks, which was a recurring objective.

In the end, there isn’t enough bad we can say about Flight Stunts, and the shady marketing Makayama is using to try and make a sale. We can’t advise our readers strongly enough to avoid this title.