Flight Simulator Boeing 737-400 Edition – Official

Fly a Boeing 737-400 in a real world simulated environment!

- Real airplane physics.
- 16 airports
- Realist terrain.
- Using Nasa’s utility FoilSim 3 to calculate the physics of the airplane (really realistic).
- Other aircrafts on scenario.
- World is really huge!

Two different tipes of view
- Cockpit View
- Airplane View

Situational sim:
- Engine failure on overheat.
- Heat and temperature problems on overspeed.

- landing mission
- take passengers from one airport to another
- land a Boeing 737-400 experimenting some engine problems
- free flight

The plane crashes on buildings and floor!

This version is compact to fit in all iOs devices, so you can enjoy the experience of real flight a Boeing 737-400 on your device!

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