Flight Deck: Freedom

Take on the role of Air Boss as you launch & land the military’s hottest aircraft!

Direct planes and helicopters to their proper landing zones and launch additional aircraft into the wild blue yonder all while trying to avoid costing the taxpayer millions due to crashes.

Fast Forward feature lets you speed up the action for a greater challenge. Action returns to normal speed automatically if there is an imminent collision to give you a chance to handle the situation.

*** NOTE ***
Flight Deck: Freedom is the “try-before-you-buy” version of Flight Deck. It includes the Carrier Level for you to try the game for free to see if you like it. The other 4 levels are available in a single Level Pack for only $0.99 as an in app purchase.


• Simple and engaging game play
• Beautifully detailed graphics
• Weather effects including snow, sandstorms and fog
• Fast forward feature
• Actual aircraft carrier sounds
• Aircraft modeled after real world counterparts
• Radio chatter
• Worldwide leaderboards via OpenFeint & Game Center
• 5 different levels available (Carrier Level included for free)
• Atmospheric background music



“I would easily recommend this game to the fans of line drawing genre.” – Touch Arcade Forum

“I just keep coming back to it again and again. With it’s engaging gameplay, stellar graphics and ambient sound… this game is very impressive and quickly earned it space on my “front page” of apps.” – Bindi Knight

“Great game! Awesome graphics and more authentic….” – ClaytonLphotography

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