Flick Kick Football

Universal Rating: 4+

Flick Kick Football is a game from PikPok, originally released 12th June, 2010


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Flick Kick Football Review

Football (aka soccer) has been on the world’s mind a lot lately. With all of the upsets and dramatic moments that came with the World Cup, even Americans were crowding bars and cheering. Flick Kick Football cuts it down to a simpler version of the sport– one in which players are cardboard.

Flick Kick Football has three modes. In Arcade mode, you flick the football into the net around a variety of defenders. Each miss costs a life, but each time you score in the ‘˜skill zone’ of the net, you gain a life. The game begins in a punishing manner by starting you with not three lives, but one. In Bullseye mode, you shoot at that same net, but with targets floating in it, and a timer hovering over you. The last mode is Time Attack, wherein you score as many goals as you can before time runs out.

Kick it. Kick it good.

The challenge comes by way of the aforementioned “skill zone.” This is an area comprised of the borders of the inside of the net, meaning that it is just inches away from the goal posts and crossbar, which makes the likelihood of failure high. Flicking the ball shoots it, and curving the flick can curve the ball in spectacular ways. Once you get the hang of it, flicking can become quite addictive, and the OpenFeint achievements only add to it.

Our complaint with this game is that it is too limited. As addictive as it is, there is no great variation between modes. That same net is always your target, and no number of charming cardboard players can really make the game seem multifaceted. It is not for every player, but for players looking for a simple charm, Flick Kick Football is a good game.