Flick Headers Euro 2012

Don’t just watch the Euro 2012 – PLAY IT… with your head! In this highly-addictive football headers game, pick your team and compete through matches and different player cards to win stars, achievements and of course – The Cup. Use funny items like a bucket of goo and trampolines to get the winning edge and plough down the competition. Catch the Euro 2012 fever!

Features: –

– Simple finger trace game play
– Challenge yourself and win dozens of achievements
– Funny animations
– Compete on the global leader board
– Hours and hours of free game play!
– Get the upgrades and power-ups: –

1. Trajectory guide – Use a trajectory guide for precision decisions. Works for 30 seconds
2. Slow-Motion – Slow down time to get that perfect angle. Works for 3 headers
3. Helmet – Put on a helmet to make headers easier! Works for 30 seconds
4. Trampoline – Use a trampoline to save an opponent from scoring a goal
5. Bucket of Goo – Throw a bucket of goo to slow down your opponent. Works for 30 seconds

Instructions: –

Move the character with your finger
Flick or slide the player up to jump
Volley the ball with your head (maximum of 3 headers before sending back over the net)
Score more than your opponent to win the match

DON’T FORGET to tap the power up buttons to get a winning edge!

Download for free and win the Euro 2012!!!

Please note: This game may run slowly on first generation iPads.

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