Flick Beetle Free

Flick your finger to help lady beetles! Control the angle and speed with the intuitive flick of your finger, simple but skillful.
The lady beetle have been living here for a long time and now their home is under an attack. 28 spotted ladybugs and aphids are a big problem, they feed on the flowers. And spiders try to catch beetles, the spiders’ bite will cause infection, so some beetles turn into zombie bugs. Flick your finger to help lady beetles! Knock off the 28 spotted ladybugs! Eat the aphids! Kick out the zombie bugs!

Key Game Features:

∆ Realistic Physical Simulation ∆
Realistic physical simulation is throughout the game. Flick the beetles toward the aim, the faster you flick, the more force the beetles will have.

∆ Wonderful Controls ∆
∆ Three Unique Challenge Modes ∆
∆ Level Mode: 20 Levels ∆
∆ Beautiful Beetles ∆
∆ HD Quality Graphics ∆
∆ Game Center Support ∆
∆ Listen to your own music ∆

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