Flagging Free

Please note that because of the OS requirements for iAds, Flagging Free will only run on iOS4 devices. If you are running on iPhone OS 3.0 or above you can always download the Full Version for $0.99 / £0.59.

Enhance your memory of Flags with this new fun game! Try to correctly guess from over 250 flags from all over the world in 3 fun game modes.

Classic Mode:
Try to guess the fixed number of flags that appear within a specified continent. You will be given a score at the end based on the time taken, incorrect answers and a difficulty multiplier. The lower the score, the better!

Time Trial:
Race against the clock trying to answer as many flags from a specified continent as possible within 2 minutes.

Marathon Mode:
An old mode to the game which was only availalbe in version 1.0 returns! Try to guess as many flags as possible. The game ends when you are incorrect!

Version 1.2 includes:
– iOS4 compatibility
– Backwards compatibility for iPhone OS 3.0 and above
– Over 250 Flags!
– Continental leader boards!
– New Achievements!
– Two new game modes!

“Awesome, addicting memory game!” – MacSplash

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