Flag2Map: geography game of Europe

Next time you see Italy against Portugal on TV, you can point out where Portugal is on the map, no problem. Greece, England, Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Netherlands, Denmark, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland – no problem. What about the capital of Slovakia? – easy!

Flag2Map will drill you in the European map, it is fun and addictive.
With Flag2Map you will also learn the flags in no time. Flags are used on TV, on athletes clothes, on the internet. You will master all the flags of europe in no time. Now you can even play and learn the 50 capitals.

Flag2Map has 13000 downloads and counting, thousands of active users, have been the number 1 most downloaded app in the category Games/Trivia and Games/Education in Italy, Norway and Japan. And we are very happy that the great majority of the users keep the app on their iPhone, and they keep using it. Thanks.

What you will learn with Flag2Map on your iPhone / iPod Touch will help you every day. Once you know the flags and the countries you will be amazed at how often they pop up in your daily life and how useful it is for you to know them.

Next time you see 7 flags in a row raised on poles, you will know them all, thats Spain, France, Netherlands, Malta, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, and you will know where all those countries are too.

Have fun when you meet someone from Lithuania, Belarus or Norway, speak to them and be confident knowing exactly where their country is on the map and what their capital city is.

“Great app like it a lot. It really does help me study!!!!!, highly recommended!!!!!!!” **** 4 stars – alex286

“Very good, fun for both me and my kids” ***** 5 stars – Fredsyv

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