Flag vs Word – Trivia quiz game

If you like “Who wants to be a millionaire” you will like this game. Match unique words to proper country flags under pressure of time with hints and score combos.


* Choose proper country flag to match selected word,
* Score points with proper answer or lose with wrong one,
* Play against limited number of tries and limited time,
* Use combos system to impact final score result,
* Use ‘hints’ if you have problems with proper answer.
* Game play video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwQz6ZBJeSE


* 50 countries to choose,
* 2000 words to match,
* 50 hints to help you with difficult words,
* 20 type of combos for higher score,
* Play 5 unique game modes,
* Play versus limited time, words or errors,
* Gather awards for solving particular flags,
* Share results on Facebook or Twitter,
* Game Center support,
* Universal app,
* iOS 4.3 or above,

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