Five Differences? ∞

Everybody loves it! Find the difference game!
Let’s find the different spots and touch them!

There are 5 differences in each level.
When you choose all of them correctly, get it wrong three times, or the time is up, the level is over.
If you get two right answers, you can proceed to the next level.

Depending on the place with the difference, the points differ.
The time limit is about two minutes.
In the first challenge, if you get the correct answers quickly, the score triples or doubles.

Free Levels … 420 levels.
(We are adding more!)

Add-On :
– Level Pack A .. 90 levels
– Level Pack B .. 90 levels
– Level Pack C .. 90 levels
– Bonus Pack ABC … 30 levels
– Level Pack D .. 90 levels
– Level Pack E .. 90 levels
– Level Pack F .. 90 levels

Thank you.

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