FishParty FunBand

Fish Band – The Subaquatic Remix and Recording Game!

Unleash your remixing skills to impress your saltwater friends with fresh beats and funky jams! Fish Band combines gaming with electronic music techniques, inspiring kids to explore their musical creativity.

Control an underwater Rock or Hip Hop band in real time, playing hi-tech software instruments and using your own voice recordings as samples. Drop some beats and vocals with hydro hip-hop celebrities, The Treasurechest Three, or thrash water with Rockaway Beach renegades, The Gills. Swim backstage for in-sync and on-tempo sample recording and sound board fun.

Fish Band allows you to choose between freestyle and game mode when remixing songs. In game mode, the light fish indicates when and where to press to make a funky jam. Funky jams fill the progress bar, rewarding you with new musical compositions and animations.

Songs are improvised by the band, an algorithmic rhythm generator that evolves the melodies and drum patterns over time, keeping the beats fresh.

Cool Features:

• Record your voice and play it back in several different voices simultaneously
• Unique remix gameplay format makes it easy and fun to control the band
• Custom audio engine with sophisticated synthesizers and drum machines
• Freeform multi-touch, multi-channel recording and sound playground
• Totally non-violent
• Teaches kids modern musical composition techniques like breakbeats
• Rewards creativity and musical timing
• Universal App – share across all your devices

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