Fishing in Fuji Five Lakes

Tapping makes fishing easier♪
Enjoy fishing in the Fuji Five Lakes!

[How to control]
Touch: Move
Double tap + Press and hold: Drop a fishing line

[The top of the screen]
●Time: Allotted time
●Score: Current score
●Catch: Total number of fish caught
●Target combo: The number of target combo / the number of current combo

[How to play]
1. Catch fish to achieve the target combo!
-Catch the same kind of fish continuously to make combo!
-The player needs to achieve the target combo to clear a stage.

2. Improve your fishing rod to master catching fish!
-Use [Catch] points to improve your rod after a stage is cleared.
-Length: Length of fishing line
-Power: Strength of power

3. Catch the different kinds of fish!
-Each fish has different points.
-The bigger fish you catch, the more score you get.
-Improve your rod and go fishing!

4. The game is finished if the player clears all 10 stages!
-The game ends when the allotted time runs out.

You will be fishing crazy!

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