Fishing Frenzy

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Catch a load of fishy fun in Fish Frenzy, a game for lovers of fishing games such as Flick Fishing and arcade games such as Mario Bros and Donkey Kong.

Catch fish to win points and clear levels before the timer runs out. You can catch all sorts of pretty fish to increase your score but watch out for monsters lurking in the depths.

– Action-packed fishing game with 25 full-fledged levels.
– Wide variety of gorgeous fish to catch.
– Vivid, colorful graphics with beautiful fishing backdrops.
– Intuitive, accelerometer-based controls for fishing.
– Engaging and light-hearted soundtrack.
– Fun for the entire family.
– Built especially for lovers of fishing games.

Keywords: Fish, Fishing, Arcade, Adventure, Sports, Family, Kids, Casual, Games.

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